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Motorhome Tilt Column

$275 shipped in lower 48 or $250 local pickup

Please respond in thread only per board rules, first "I'll take it" gets it.

Selling a motorhome tilt column. From a mid 80s GM chassis

I moved the NSS down so it's a bolt-in for your 67-72.

I put the switch 1/2" further up the column from the truck location so you can install it 1/2" closer to the firewall for more room.

I used my multi-meter to adjust it, you may need to fine tune it after install.

It has a part # sticker with 1985 on it

Turn signal has no lever

Turn signal switch is tight and cancels as it should

Includes the cancel cam

The gray illumination wire is original length

Includes a long pigtail for the Neutral Safety/Reverse switch

Tilt mechanism is tight and smooth.

The 4 bolts in the tilt mechanism that typically loosen over time have been removed and reinstalled with lock-tight.

Tilt pivots were cleaned and lubed when removed to tighten the bolts.

The bottom bearing was cleaned and greased

The upper bearings are tight and smooth

The shift indicator bulb was replaced and tested OK, it has the green shade on it.

Shifter lever end (inside column) is good, pivot is average

Shift arm and adjuster lever have nice chrome, they shine up well.

The finish on it is OK, great for a driver. Some scratches as pictured. It would probably buff out nicely.

It has the original gear indicator, it has some sun damage but not all chalked out
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