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Re: Speaker question

I believe you can't easily use the same speakers for 2 systems. From what I've read the factory radio requires an 8 to 10 ohm speaker and you would best not deviate from that because you can supposedly burn out the radio's amp. It would be easiest to put stereo speakers under the seat and use those for the 8-track, and leave the AM radio and its speaker alone.

But, an idea would be to energize a relay or relays from the 8-track player coming on, and the relays disconnect power from the AM radio and connects the stereo speakers separately to the stereo outputs of the 8-track player. With the 8-track player off and relays de-energized, the radio gets power and speakers get connected in series to the AM radio output. Alter the 8-track player to tap into it's on-off switch to power the relays, and locate the relays under the dash somewhere.
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