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41-46 S10 swap

I have done two of these prior (look for fenix and hannah) and sold some hand cut mounts to guys to build their own, but then i got sidetracked making an easy-to-fold 47-55.1 weld on s10 swap kit and my patterns kind of fell by the wayside.

lately i have been getting questions and requests for the 41-46 swap stuff again and so i called my homie larry to bring his truck under the guise of doing his steering column and brakes but really so i could measure the mounts of mine he had on his truck. hey, everyone gets something from that, right?

then i needed a truck, another friend moved to florida for a contract job and rented his house, he needed a spot for his 46 so I told him he could keep it at my storage building for yard art. was pretty good for that!

i yanked it apart, believe it or not there are 10 bolts holding the cab on the frame, four under the front floor, two in front of the seat, and 4 behind the seat under the gas tank. there was obviously no expectation of rust because they suuuuuck to take out, no good place to even cut them.

I popped out some folding mounts using larrys dimensions and some much needed improvements and plopped the cab on for a look.

looked ok but for some reason the bolt holes did not line up, hmmm. I made a wider set and popped them on

hmm. i knew the lowest fender bolt hole to centerline of front axle is about 27", this was closer to 31. I think maybe larry shifted his cab back or maybe used the rear of those 4 front holes.
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