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Re: Project 67 DRGNWGN - 67 Burban!!

Originally Posted by FRENCHBLUE72 View Post
Great to see you still plugging along I'm back here for motivation to finish mine.
thanks for dropping in, interest from you guys make me excited to post progress

Originally Posted by BAD1916 View Post
Nice progress. Those grounds came out looking good. At least lack of good grounds will be checked off on the troubleshooting list if there’s an issue.
lol, well im hoping i wont run in to anything once the truck is wired but we all know how these builds go.....

i had some time today after work before we head out of town for the weekend. got the obd2 port extended and wired in. mine was a 5 wire plug. purple, green, 2 black, and an orange. i tied the blacks in together, cut the purple (was pin 14), and ran pin 2 (green) to the data wire in the pcm (purple wire). and of course orange to 12v constant. also got the pedal plug extended and pluged to the tac module which will also go under the hood. the random wires hanging through the dash is the tach wire, check engine light wires, tcc wire for the brake switch, and the vss wire for the speedo
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67 1/2 ton Suburban - Project DRGNWGN. Build thread

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