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Re: Project 67 DRGNWGN - 67 Burban!!

i bought some generic grommets off amazon and ran the wires through the existing holes in the firewall, this way i will only have to drill one big hole for the engine compartment wires from the main harness that is getting wired next week. also a couple of pics of my little harness plugs i made. one goes from the engine harness into the dash for the obd2 wires and dash wires. the other loom in the background is the pedal wire going from the tac to the pedal inside. last couple of pics is the ground block i made for the back. frame to ground block. body to ground block. and so far fuel pump grounded. when its time for the taillights, the last 2 suds will be for those.
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67 1/2 ton Suburban - Project DRGNWGN. Build thread

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