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Re: 41-46 S10 swap

speaking of running boards, i have some neat info for you guys. the front clip came from a 1 ton, which i didnt think was a big deal because the wheel opening radius measured the same as 1/2 ton. but i couldnt get anything to line up!

I was pulling out my hair (god beat me to it) trying to see what was wrong and when I went through the archives i found the issue.

the vertical section of the running board is 2" taller! look under the door!

so instead of giving up (or more likely using the really destroyed 1/2 ton parts at the shop) I just sectioned 2" out of the fender bottoms and moved on with life

a friend and I were discussing it and this seems to be what they did in the 30s too, he has a 38 and a 40 with small wheel opening but taller running boards! so now instead of new fenders for his projects he can just section them too.
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