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No power to gauge cluster?

Been reading the forum for a few hrs now trying
to gain some insight as to why my gauge cluster isnít working on my 67 (Iím pretty amateur at this side of things). Fuel gauge worked when I bough the truck 6mo ago but is now stuck at about 1/2 tank, temp gauge did not and still does not work (pegged at low) and ammeter didnít and still does not work. All lights,blinkers, etc do work on the truck.

I found that I have no power going to any of the pins on the main cluster plug. I do have power on the LH side of the fuse holder for cluster, but not on the right side with a good fuse in place. I hooked alligator clips to each side of the cluster fuse holder tabs and turned the key to check for power to the cluster plug pins and there was still none. What would be the next thing to check to locate power or a break somewhere? The terminal is pretty corroded and I did try cleaning it up with no changes.

I have a suspicion that when I get power going to the cluster, my gauges will likely work (based mostly on what Iíve been reading along with my fuel gauge working before and thereís not much to the temp gauge/sender troubleshooting process). Also p/o said the truck has new OE fuel tank and sender.
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