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Re: No power to gauge cluster?

The purple square labeled ‘key on’ was the area that I tested. Test light lit up when I placed it on the side near the ‘3a’ on the photo but not on the opposite side of the fuse near the ‘clst’ letters. I put in a new fuse with same results. I also attempted to jump across the fuse connectors with alligator clips- still no power to any of the pins on the plug with the key on. With the key on I have no power to any of the pins on the main cluster plug (the plug closest to the ignition). All of my lights, blinkers and dash lights work. I matched the plug to the photos from my search and everything appears to be accurate for the gauge style cluster. It’s like power just terminates at that fuse but I’m not sure what the connection behind the panel looks like or if maybe something just has that bad of a connection. I did try cleaning the fuse holder with my dremel but it didn’t make a difference. I’ll check out the threads you posted, thank you!
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