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Re: No power to gauge cluster?

I have removed the couple of screws that hold the panel to the firewall and I don't remember it being very hard, but it has been a while. The hardest part is just being under the dash. When I'm going to spend any significant time there I like to remove the seat. There is not a lot of slack in the wire bundles. It depends on how much you want to get into it. You can unwrap the wire bundles and re-wrap them later after a repair using the same tape or new non-adhesive vinyl tape. I bought some non-adhesive vinyl tape on I normally use solder and shrink tubing to make repairs. I have bought parts and pieces of wiring harnesses from people here on the forum before, by making a want to buy ad in the parts forum. I'm sure there are a lot of people here who have their old wiring harnesses on hand after re-wiring their trucks. You may be able to get a fuse box that is in better shape than yours or which has some terminals in it that are in better shape, or you may be able to connect into the wiring harness and skip the fuse in the fusebox and wire in an in-line fuse holder for that pink wire that goes to the instrument cluster. The fancy way to deal with this is to buy a complete dash wiring harness from a vendor, some are made that are just like the original, and some use newer blade style fuses. I recommend make sure you are using a fusible link wire at the battery connection, that is all that protects the 12 gauge wiring in the truck.
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