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Re: 41-46 S10 swap

to get the s10 column to fit you need to take off the bottom bracket. its welded to the tube and if you are careful you can grind gently till its loose and just slide it off. you will need to take off the bottom bearing retainer clip and retainer collar and if your bottom bearing is worn out its only 16 dollars to replace it now.

I decided to move the column in a couple inches from stock based on how small this cab is, in its original position it would be right in your gut even with a tilt column. easily done though. drill then extend the slot.

i also needed some bolts that wouldnt need to be held on top to tighten. on the s10 the pedal brace has the bolts in it but we arent using it so I got some nice bolts out of another aluminum steering bracket from a later s10 and gave them some meaty tacks. fully welding isnt needed, the clamping is what holds it, you just dont want them turning.

I build an upper bracket that bolts to where the original dash brace bolted on the firewall

more in next post.
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