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Re: Factory tow on a truck that didnt come with it.

hell of a nice wife! As far as the factory one the wiring should be behind the dummy panel that gets replaced when you add in the controller. I know with the Fords we have at work it's not plug and play, you have to program the truck to recognize it. I'd do a little looking on line and see if that's the case with the 14' which I would suspect it is. Depending if you have a hook up for programming and the cost of the controller it might be cheaper to put an aftermarket controller in. A very nice and feature rich P3 is only 150 bucks and then you'll probably need a $15 sub harness and it will plug right in under the dash and send the signals to your 7 way. I love my P2, no twitchy trailer brakes, everything works nice and smooth. I know it's not as "clean" looking but might be cheaper in the end.
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