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Re: I need to get my truck in road trip shape.

Plastic racing seats, 475hp, + 4.88 gears would seem to equal a truck designed for a track. What kind of mufflers does it have? Big difference in hearing damage between a 1/4 mile run while wearing a helmet and a 5 hour drive with the thing wound up to 3000+ rpms and no ear protection. If the exhaust is as loud as the rest of the description leads one to believe, a radio may be a bit optimistic. Might consider some ear plugs or such for quick noise reduction.

If you have one, a stereo boom box between the seats would be a simple solution to traveling music. Bonus points if it can be paired with a smartphone loaded up with tunes or streaming music.

Since this is temporary, a couple layers of carpet as high up on the inside firewall as you can get it and back to the back of the cab floor. Carpet with the built-on padding is a plus. Put sleeping bags, pillows and other soft stuff behind the seats and up the back wall.
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