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Re: I need to get my truck in road trip shape.

Originally Posted by Dead Parrot View Post
Plastic racing seats, 475hp, + 4.88 gears would seem to equal a truck designed for a track. What kind of mufflers does it have? Big difference in hearing damage between a 1/4 mile run while wearing a helmet and a 5 hour drive with the thing wound up to 3000+ rpms and no ear protection. If the exhaust is as loud as the rest of the description leads one to believe, a radio may be a bit optimistic. Might consider some ear plugs or such for quick noise reduction.

If you have one, a stereo boom box between the seats would be a simple solution to traveling music. Bonus points if it can be paired with a smartphone loaded up with tunes or streaming music.

Since this is temporary, a couple layers of carpet as high up on the inside firewall as you can get it and back to the back of the cab floor. Carpet with the built-on padding is a plus. Put sleeping bags, pillows and other soft stuff behind the seats and up the back wall.
The plastic seats were put in because I wanted suspension seats, and they have the same foot print. My bench seat has collapsed springs which bug me on longer drives. So they were never going to be permanent. I can not use suspension seats since they don't sit low enough, and would require major floor surgery for me to be comfortable.

The engines noise is not actually bad at 3000rpm when cruising. The wind noise buffeting your ear hurts alot more. I wear ear plugs on longer drives since I usually have the windows down.

I have a jobsite boom box I will bring if I don't get a radio installed. Which is likely at this point. Because I have other thing I need to fix so stuff doesn't fall out of the truck.

The mufflers are 14" Magnaflows maybe be upgraded when the engine I am building is installed this fall. That way I just dial it in once hopefully. The engine was built because when my 383 thrust bearings were wiped out by the trans failure. It was the cheapest engine I could build with the parts I had. In the shortest period of time. I scored a Stock B-body LT1 short block, soon to be ported stock aluminum heads, and a Corvette cam from my searches. Which will have LS 411pcm for controls. Should slide in at 400hp/400tq, and be perfect for daily driving, but more importantly it will be capable of AC at that point.
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