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Re: Project 67 DRGNWGN - 67 Burban!!

little progress but i got my column back from being rebuilt by Les (70shortfleet). looks amazing! got a few things wired and made a power panel under the dash. the left power strip is wired for 12 volt power. middle 2 post is for battery power. right strip is grounds. just in case i want to add some things, i have an easy spot to tap in. also got my LMC dash pad in...fits great, bought it 10 years ago and has been on my shelf the entire time. i know, im random as hell. im waiting on a harness adapter to come in to get the column wired up. its getting there.

oh! also im getting my cluster together. i went with the s10 speedo mod, camaro tach mod, and mid 80s clock. also the ammeter gauge is actually a battery gauge. still some work to do on it, but its coming along.
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67 1/2 ton Suburban - Project DRGNWGN. Build thread

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