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69 Chevy interior light problem

Hello forum. I have been reading many posts, but I have not seen the answer or help to my particular problem. If there is a thread I will gladly just take the URL to it.

Problem: I just replaced the light switch because the interior lights were acting funny. However, the problem still is not fixed. I'm almost sure I have a ground problem but I do not know where to search. There are times when the gauge/radio illumination lights work when things are "in the right spot". I took a multimeter to the switch to check for current. I would assume that the "dark Green" wire would show variable voltage when it is turned to different positions, however it only sometimes reads any voltage at all and I know all power in is good (from multimeter). I can easily see how the switch could/would be bad, but I had the exact same problem with the old switch, so I am thinking the problem may be a ground somewhere else in the connection.

I will be happy to answer any questions and provide any information. I look forward to the advice I will receive.

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p.s. I will do an introduction thread tomorrow, I just wanted to post this ASAP some I can get some eyes on. Thanks
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