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Locking Hub Rebuild

Hey guys,

I am in the process of putting my locking hubs back together after replacing my brakes on my 72 Blazer. The hubs are the original blue spicer dana 44 hubs. After assembling all of the components of the hub, i cannot get the hub to lock. After installing all of the lockout components EXCEPT for the turn dial and housing, i can spin the hub/rotor and it will spin the front driveshaft like it is in locked position. As soon as i bolt in that dial housing (and not even turn the dial), I spin the hub/rotor and the front driveshaft does not spin acting like the hub is now in the unlocked position. When the dial is installed, i can spin it 360 degrees without it catching on the retaining plate and i can push the dial in slightly so it is not tight. Before tear down, i had the hub in the lock position before i disassembled it. I put the hub back together following the below diagrams to a tee.

I torqued the inner spindle locknut to 35ibs and the outer locknut to 50ibs. The spindle washer is between the two locknuts and perfectly flush. I greased the hell out of it. I am not sure were i am going wrong even after tearing the hub down to the spindle twice and redoing the whole process. Please shed some light on this newbie. Any help is much much appreciated! Thank you.

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