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Re: My 71 K20 Cummins swap

When I got the dodge home we realized that the miss was more serious, evidently PO had driven it with a bad injector until it damaged the pump. Number 4 had a cracked barrel in the pump.....
I pulled the drive train out of the dodge and started analyzing what I had, PO had resealed the front cover and fixed the KDP.... But in doing so created a bigger leak on the back of the motor, appears he didn't get the cam gear hot enough to slip it onto the cam all the way.... so he tried driving it on with a hammer..... drove the soft plug out of the back of the block. Can you say Gusher..!!!!!
For the next couple years I was just plugging along cleaning things up, resealing the motor,got the P7100 rebuilt, changed transmission over to 4wd, figured out that I got a Dana 80 with my dodge purchase. That made me happy, I figured it was probably a Dana 70 But tag said 80......That was one of the first things I swapped out, went for a year or so with no 4wd because my front dana 60 had 3.54 gears and my stock HO 52 had 4.10. The dana 80 had 3.55s to match the front.
The biggest thing holding me back was a transfer case. I had sold the np205 with the turbo 350 that came in the K20 and didn't think the np241 was strong enough for a Cummins. So i had been patiently searching for a round bolt pattern 205 and finally found one in winter of 2019.
I work on a farm, it keeps me really busy April thru November, so I really only have winter months to work on it. December is my time off and January and February i only work 4 days a week.... so in 2019 I wasn't quite ready to take the plunge. to be continued.......
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