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Re: My 71 K20 Cummins swap

I had to flip the exhaust manifold to clear the heater box, because of that I had to extend the aftercooler pipe on that side. On the drivers side the original pipe fits perfect. Because the turbo is higher, I had to lengthen the down pipe for the exhaust.... I had to modify the 1st gen exhaust extensively but it was a good starting point. Other members said they had a tight fit routing 4" exhaust around transfer case, but I have over an inch from cab floor and 3/4" from transfer case. I don't think there was a single piece of the exhaust that didn't get modified.
I used the existing in cab fuel tank, I just welded a return line fitting in alongside the existing supply line.
I found a 1st gen fan hub bracket, but it still put the fan too low to use the dodge shroud..... so I had a local machine shop make me one with a piece of DOM and flat plate.
I had to cut holes in the inner fenders to allow for the aftercooler pipes, the only thing i had to do to the aftercooler is notch the top plate about 1/2 inch back to clear the hood latch.
I was able to reuse the top radiator hose, but had to find a different one for the bottom..... Napa had one with the right bends to fit.
I built 2 battery boxes, I used a F^#d regulator with the dodge alternator(don't tell my chevy it's got ford parts on it). I had a hard time figuring out where to put the air filter because of the hood hinges...
I used the dodge throttle cable, had to modify the throttle pedal a little.
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