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Re: LS Swap Crossmember choices

Very nice indeed! I'm doing my LS swap right now and using the PacificFab/Tilden 4X4 crossmember. Hopefully it works out OK. I installed a 2-1/2" Skyjacker lift a couple years back.

I like the differential cover you used on the front. I want to do the same on the front and rear of my Dana 44's. Who's cover did you use?

How did you make out with the transmission being cocked?

Did you go with Advanced Adapters for the transmission to NP205? I would love to see some pictures of the set up. I am using AA for my 4l60e / NP205 combo, but I'm not quite there yet. I know the 4l80 would be stronger, but for what I'm doing, the 4l60e should be fine.
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