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Re: Just a rant

Yes that has happened to me on GMCPauls site, more than once. Though GMCPauls can't really be compared to Amazon or Summit, as those guys push a TONs more product that allows them funds to have Web stores we expect to visit. I rather GMCPauls keeps their prices and support, then become more like Amazon or Summit.

That's not to say I have 100% satisfaction with what they sale or the support of products after the sale. One being the fiasco of upgrading my dash cluster to have a Tach - bad silk screen and poorly pressed tin. Both I did not realize the cause of my low light problem until another member here figured it out. I still wonder if the tins have been corrected or if some poor fellow is getting a substandard product.

Then the 72 Gas Cap I bought from them, which fit so poorly/loosely it let out more gas than the one it replaced. The follow up was my neck was to worn, which proved to be totally wrong as I got a NOS one here on the forms (big bucks) and it fits snug as a bug in a rug. This issue irked me more than the Tach, as it pushed the problem onto me (or rather my tank's neck).

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