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Originally Posted by Rick Bollinger View Post
What I understand about Paul's is that products that are not right or are problematic he discontinues them. I don't mind paying a little more for quality parts that are going to work like they should like glass seals.
Good point. I used to buy 55 Chevy car parts from H&H Classic Parts in Arkansas. They would stop selling parts that customers had problems with. I remember the owner saying he'd rather lose a sale than have an unhappy customer.

Seems like one of those parts was a window regulator packaged and sold under several brand names, but all made in the same Chinese plant. As I recall, he finally started getting good ones from a company in Taiwan. (I could be wrong about the specific part, but you get the idea.)

I just got my 69 truck back earlier this year and had forgotten all about H&H, so I need to check them out again.
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