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Re: 07 Dodge Bucket Seat Install

Step 5 - Build the floor frame, remove the mat or carpet from the cab. I used the existing seat mounting holes in the floor to build to. There is the front frame and the back frame. Rear frame first, 2 pcs angle 20", 1 pc angle 16", 2 pcs flat 3 1/2". The frame should be as straight as possible between the mounting holes, drill the mounting holes in the long pcs 3/8" for wiggle room, and bolt down. Place a 3/8" spacer on the hump, I used a piece of scrap steel, this is for room for the mat or carpet, and set the short angle on it, take the flats and visegrip all together, see pics for orientation, The bottom angle goes to the rear, spot weld together, pull frame out and weld all together then put back in and bolt down, make it as straight as possible, you will align the front frame with the back frame.

The front frame - 2 angles 19" long, 1 piece flat 15" long, 2 short pcs flat 3 1/2" long. Drill mounting holes 3/8" in angles and bolt to the floor, the bottom angle goes to the front. Line up the front angles with the rear frame angles, these must be as close as possible so the seats will line up. Place 3/8" spacer on the hump, put the flat steel across the hump on top of the spacer and use short flat pcs to vise grip together, spot weld together, pull out and weld up, put back in and bolt down. You should now have both frames built and bolted down.

Step 6 - Mount angles on slide rails. Just for reference, the seats I used slide forward a long ways, backwards not so much, there for I chose to mount the front rails first so I would have room to do whatever I needed to on the rear. Mount the front angles on the slider using existing holes in the slider, see pics for orientation of angles on slider, set the slider on the floor frame hooking the front angle over the front frame, clamp it in place, place the rear angle under the slide rail, hooking it over the rear floor frame, line it up with the slide rail and clamp it in place on the rear frame, line up the mounting holes in the slide rails with the holes in the rear angle, I had to drill an additional hole in the slider to line up with the rear angle holes. Now you should have both sliders setting on the floor frame, you should be able to move them in and out as needed to get the seats in the right position.

Step 7 - Make frame for jump seat. Sorry I forgot to write down the measurements on the steel for this but once you get this far along you should be able to see what your going to need. This was pretty straight forward, make a rectangle frame to bolt to the jump seat, sounds simple right? This took a couple of try's for me to find the right combination that would work for me, one thing worth noting, remember to leave enough room so when the console / jump seat back is up it will miss the gas tank, yes I'm going to move that some day but in the mean time we have to keep it in mind. Anyway back to the frame, as you can see in the pic the rear angle for the jump seat to mount to is mounted on top of the frame I made, that's because the bottom of the jump seat isn't flat from front to back. The front and rear angles on the bottom, hook over the floor frame just like the seat sliders.

Step 8 - Bolting stuff down. With all the frames built, now you have to figure out where to bolt them down, set the jump seat frame in the center, then set the seats on the frames, no need to bolt the seats to the frames yet, your only fitting at this point, you can now see where everything is lining up, space the seats equal distance from the doors and check clearance at the jump seat, I wanted mine to just rub, not be jammed together, but did have enough room to make it like I wanted, I had enough room on the sides to miss everything. Use visegrips to clamp the frames in place and remove the seats, you can now drill mounting holes through the front and rear mounting angles in the frames, bolt them in place, put the seats back on the frames and bolt them down, adjust seats and go for a ride!
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