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Re: Ls swap wiring help

Originally Posted by Carolina68 View Post
Iím doing an Ls turbo setup. And Iíve pretty much sorted through all the wiring. On this diagram Iíve circled two wires in. One is black with a bulb fuse near the junction block and it says engine harness connection. Do I need this wire if Iím not using any of the stock engine harness?

The other wire is black with a white stripe and it showed fused in the diagram but mine is not fused. It just ties into the fat red wire that runs to the junction block. Not sure what the black/white stripe wire is for?

Iíve searched and searched but no definitive answer. Thanks for any help and maybe if your not sure you can steer me in a direction to find the info.
I just did this!

The black and black with white stripe wires are for the ammeter in the gauge cluster, itís supposed to show if there is current draw or battery charging.... something like that.

If your not a purist, Iíd take an actual voltmeter from a square body (donít quote the exact year but like Ď76 and up have them) and replace the ammeter and just run ignition power to it. Then remove the black wires going into fuse block on the firewall and disconnect from the battery. To answer your question, no you donít need them for your truck to run. Not sure what you did for wiring, but pretty much everything on the external voltage regulator can be removed.

What alternator do you have? How many pins does it have?
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