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Thumbs down One Piece Window Conversion Kit for '67-'72 GM Trucks

Guys be real careful with this kit...... unless these have been changed since Ebfabman installed them on project cod fish there are some real issues that need to be addressed...... 1) you will have to grind the hex out of the latch for clearance.... 2) the window will not roll down all the way with out cutting the stop at door bottom. 3) you will have to cut notches in the scrubbers to clear the window mounts. 4) I dont like the fact the scrubbers glue in..... We spent alot of time to get these "right" love the look but this "kit" is not perfected yet...... I spoke with the guy at the opp and relayed all the info from the install and he was surprised he ask "what was the skill level of the guy installing this kit"? My reply "you have no idea how good he is"

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