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Re: One Piece Window Conversion Kit for '67-'72 GM Trucks

Not bashing, please don't take it that way. BUT as Rob said the "kit" was far from desirable as a functioning window. Yes they look good but thats about it. With Rob's project we were after not only the look but wanted a good fit and smooth up and down operation. The "kit" installed as per instructions would not let the glass sit parallel in the opening which put the glass in a bind against the scrubbers. This is great as far as rattles go because it keeps the glass tight in the opening but creates too much resistance to use power windows to any degree of normal use. If its just the look, thats one thing. But all else, in my opinion not even close to worth it. Let me say once again the look is GREAT!

Also we followed the instructions exactly, even call the guy who makes them while we were installing them to be sure we were doing what he suggest.

I hope someone comes up with something that works well without having to change so much just to get the windows to go easy and smooth up and down

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