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Re: One Piece Window Conversion Kit for '67-'72 GM Trucks

Not interested in the others at this time, we are working on 67-72. Maybe you have been very lucky in the installs you did but here are a FEW of the things we had to do to a good set of doors to get those windows to work even in a crude manner.
Maybe no fabrication but a quite a few modifications.
We had to relieve areas in the inner structure of the door shell FRONT AND BACK just to keep the window glass from rubbing HARD against it.
The window, as installed by the instructions, was not parallel in the opening. that caused a binding when the scrubbers were installed making the window hard to operate especially when rolling up. No way a power unit would work to any degree of satisfaction with this configuration. After several hours, we were able to get the glass centered in the opening without the bind.
We also had to grind away, fairly severely, the latch so the glass would not hit it. We used old latches as well as brand new ones as seen in the picture.
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