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Abandoned, neglected square body trucks rotting away... part two

Originally Posted by SKT View Post
There are plenty of square body trucks out there just rotting away in junkyards, fields, in the woods, or the post up the pics!!

Condition is irrelevant...barely there, or 100% complete.

They don't have to be yours...if you find 'em, post 'em up!

Please share any stories, rescues, details, and/or locations that you can. If you have a build thread to one that you have saved, post up a link instead of using this thread for your build-up.

If you know where an old, crusty square body is resting, please snap a photo of it when you can, and share it with us.

I think these old square body pics make for better wallpapers than the blinging new ones so feel free to save any of them that you want!

While this thread is located in the '73-'87 section, feel free to post up ANY year of Chevy truck.
Time for part two
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