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Re: Timing and balancer help!

Originally Posted by kcstreetracer View Post
Thanks for the replies. It is dropped in at 8 btdc on compression stroke.

Just curious, is that popping im hearing most likely pre ignition or detonation?
I don't remember the exact years, but some years the timing tab was located at 12 o'clock on the chain cover behind the water pump.. The balancer was marked accordingly.. If that balancer is used in conjunction with the tab located at approximately 2 o'clock, the engine can be made to run but the timing cannot be set properly.. Be sure you have "matching" tab/balancer..

If those two parts are correct, and the timing is set properly using a timing light, the popping sound is caused by something else.. Most likely causes are valves are set too tight or camshaft lobe is going away...
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