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Radiator hose ID

Weíve been trying to find rad hoses to fit my Ď69 c10. The old ones fit perfectly and the GM parts number is still on the upper. Chances are these arenít original to this truck (engine was rebuilt in early 2000ís) so they may not be truck specific hoses. Iíve been trying to google the parts #. No luck.

The upper hose is stamped GM AY 3947120 RQ.

The lower doesnít have any stamps still on it, but Iím hoping if we can identify the upper it will give us a clue on the lower. The bends are perfect for keeping it away from the trans cooler lines. We were close with one but the water pump end was about 1/4Ē to small to fit onto the water pump. And we seriously tried everything to get it on there.

Or maybe one of you amazing guys can tell just by looking at it what would work?! Go easy on me, Iím a noob.
Here are some pics for reference
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