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Lightbulb S-10 seatbelt modification

Some of you may be “nutritionally enhanced” or have friends or relatives like me that are, and they can’t fit the belt all the way over and latch it. I recently found a guy at PDX airport who works on airplane seatbelts. He was able to lengthen the lower belt about 11”. (I’ve included an old picture of the belt that I’m referring to, it’s the one that goes over the waist). The new belt length is perfect for my mother who’s fairly large in the middle where it goes. There’s even a bit left over.

I was a little apprehensive about having someone sew my belts but the guy explained the requirements for airplane belts and they’re much stricter than automobile requirements. I feel he did an excellent job and his customer service was excellent as well.

He explained that with the extra length the belt and buckle probably would not retract all the way, due to the tight fit within the mechanism. With the extra length, I thought the belt buckle would flop outside the cab when I shut the door, and I’d have to be careful with this, but instead it is pulled up to around the stomach area. This is due to the upper belt pulling it upward with its tension.

So if you’re wanting the S-10 belt mod but can’t make it fit, I’d suggest going to an airport and finding someone who works on airplane seatbelts and getting the lower belt lengthened. 11” worked best for my needs, but measure and use your own discretion.

I’ll post updated pics within a couple weeks.
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