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Dash lights

I have been doing a search for dash lights, but can't seem to find an answer. I have a 69 C/10 I sent my dash bezel out to one of the board members along with what was suppose to be an NOS 6 cycling tack. He rebuilt it with new bezel, added an electric clock, new curcuit board, added tack, new light bulbs, cleaned everything and sent it back. I have a rebuilt original tilt column, just put truck back together. Have parking lights, head lights, parking lights, interior light works with light switch as it should. The dimmer switch also works. I don't have any dash lights, not one and the 4 way flashers do not work. I have quite a few grounds including I ran one from center post of tach which didn't help. I believe the tack and lights maybe a separate issue. everything is so tightly packed in there it is hard to work on. My main question is does anyone thing it might be the light switch? Amp gauge is working, I ran a ground wire for the clock, with a hot wire to fuse panel. Any suggestions before I tear this thing all apart?

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