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Re: Dash lights

Originally Posted by VetteVet View Post
Have you checked my Faqs thread on the top of the electrical forum home page?
There is a thread there on dash troubles.
Yes, I have looked at all that stuff, lots of idea's, but no help yet. UPDATE: It has a new board, and had a clock installed, now I had ran positive wire from clock to fuse panel, then drilled a small hole in bottom of dash, inserted a small bolt in it for a ground, clock works great, so I figured the dash was grounded well. I slid under the truck, put another heavy ground wire from frame to cab to make sure, made not difference, still no lights. I undid the two screws holding fuse panel, pulled it down a little, it is a little rusty, so I removed every fuse, one at a time, cleaned up fuse panel with a small emery board, cleaned all the fuses, checked with tester to make sure all were good and reinstalled. Now I have lights, but very dim, the dimmer switch light is on, the flasher lights are lite up also. Now all the rest of the lights on the truck are working great. I'm going to take a look at the ground from the dash that plugs in today, I thought it was good, but maybe not. I'm thinking of running a wire right from the battery to that wire. I think I'm gaining. Has anyone replaced the fuse panel and if so is there any that are recommended?
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