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Re: Dash lights

Originally Posted by VetteVet View Post
Have you checked my Faqs thread on the top of the electrical forum home page?
There is a thread there on dash troubles.
Yes I looked at that last night, I just installed a ground wire from the screw next to the electrical plug on the back of the panel, nothing has changed. I have faint lights after I cleaned the fuse box, no gas gauge, not sure of temperature gauge. When I turn the light switch to dim, they go out, then as I turn it back up, they come on faintly, then off, then on again faintly. I've got almost a grand in this dash bezel and it's really got me frustrated. It seems like I have grounds everywhere to no avail. Every other light on the truck works. I have a rear blazer tank, the brown wire is hooked into the top of the fuse panel, but is very faint when I touch it with a test light, is this suppose to be this way?
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