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Re: Dash lights

Originally Posted by Thealien View Post
I am not a fan of our old gauge clusters. Original or OEM "restored" have issues. When working perfectly the gauges are never bright in my humble opinion. Some have painted parts of the tins and swapped to LEDs (can't dim in most cases). And nothing has made me think they are even adequate.

Some of the grounds are done with the screws that go through the printed circuit. You will see a copper washer in the printed circuit where the screw goes through. Check all the screws even the ones just holding some assembly together. I have found many to be loose and or stripped. Tighten or use a slightly larger screw if the holes are stripped. Careful everything is thin metal.

Next is the sockets that hold the bulb. Sometimes you have to twist them back and forth to get a good connection. Sometimes you have to bend the tabs a little so it makes better contact with the printed circuit. I still can't get my high beam indicator to work all the time.

There is a ground that goes from the connector that plugs into the cluster to a clip that connects to the bottom of the opening for the cluster. Those get taken off and not reinstalled and can be loose.

Good luck, it can be frustrating. If you can read a wiring diagram (there are color copies on this forum) you can bench test and get all the lights working.
I'm also beginning to not be a fan, I would have went with an aftermarket dash, but no one offered a 6 cycle. tack that I could find. As it turned out my 350 dollar NOS tack in an open package doesn't seem to work either. I just ran another ground wire to the bottom of the dash, nothing. My headlights seem to work alright, but with the parking lights on both right and left turn signal lights are on. I'm trying to check my dimmer switch, I have wiring unplugged, blue I believe is from light switch, I tried testing with a test light and cannot get any thing to light with light on or off. Does this mean my headlight switch is bad. The lights dim when you step on it.
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