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My shop

I have been following along as some of you all have built your shops. Well, I purchased my steel shop building in October and it arrived in February. I started the permit process last June and got final approval a week ago. As a side note, I had to get a "variance permit" because the location of the shop is in the "front yard." It's not anywhere near the front yard, but where it's located it breaks the plane of the front of the house. The county I live in has not been very helpful and the amount of red tape I went through, I thought I was still in CA.

I digress. I'm excited. I will still be a while before the actual building and slab all get going, as I'm on a waiting list for the contractor. It's ok though, at least now the construction beginning is in sight.

For those interested, I went with a 40'x60'x14' steel building. It's going to house my hot rod and will also be my woodshop. I plan to get back into that as well, since I'm now a retired person.
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