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Getcha caught up,hatch repair and all

So I have already used this forum to get soo much information that I thought I should try to give a little info myself. So here goes...
I purchased my 1969 BLazer off of Ebay a little while back.. it came out of Dallas, and when I bid I thought that there was very little chance of winning it.... so I didn't really stop to think about having to get it from Dallas to KC or the fact that it didn't come with a hard top and it was gonna get cold here in just a couple of months ! Here is it arriving on the transport..

When I started the truck for the first time "Runnin with the Devil" started blaring on the radio.. this could be a good sign.. or a bad one..

As with the pics of the truck that were posted on EBAY, the camera is very kind to the truck.

It looks pretty stud here I think.
I really loved cruisin around in it as Summer faded into fall..meanwhile I was trying to find a good top to get for it. After feeling like several people were trying to screw me, I found a top in Kentucky for next to nothing and he agreed to meet me in St louis with it ! It even came with a hatch !
As 40 years old tops go, it was in ok shape, but needed some work. He also failed to mention that the hatch was cracked up..
Here is what it looked like as I started to clean it up and make it presentable...

Now please undertand that I am not about to show you how I fixed this thing up because I think I am mr mechanic guy. Winter was right on top of us here, or at least a very brisk Fall. It was getting pretty chilly on my drive to work so I set about repairing this thing to use it ASAP !!
I sanded off the cooked original paint and applied RUSTBULLET to seal the top. I know, I know.. I don't know why I decided to use that, other than it has awesome adhesion properties. It looked so good I thought about leaving it silver !!
I plan on painting it to match the body color in the future so knowing that and also being in a major hurry I painted it flat black. Here it is sittin on the truck...

I was pretty suprised how good it turned out, under the circumstances of slam dunking it.

see next post as this adventure continues with the hatch repair !!
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