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HVAC Guys-Need Some Advice

Might know it, we're currently topping out in the triple digits with LOTS of humidity and Gee, the upstairs AC unit decides to take a dump. Not surprised, have had it for some time, probably 8-9 years or more. How come they never quit when temps are in the mid-80s? 110 volt window unit, worked well for the size (8,000 btu) but now, no more. Anyone who can recommend a GOOD 110 volt window unit? Upstairs is about 450 sq ft, give or take a few. As I have usually found out with most things, Good isn't cheap, and Cheap isn't good. Expect to spend decent $$ for a decent unit. Thinking would like to step up to at least a 12,000 btu or maybe 15,000 even. Higher than 15,000 would think need 220 volts and only 110 volt is available upstairs.
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