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Re: HVAC Guys-Need Some Advice

Originally Posted by Richard View Post
No doubt a mini split would be much nicer than window unit. Quieter and more efficient (less operating cost) up to 12,000 btu available at 110v. As mentioned, note that in almost all cases main power is routed to outdoor unit and a multi wire power cord is routed to indoor unit. I have installed many of the no name brand units. They do not seem to be any less reliable than the big names like Mitsubishi which IMO is way to proud of their stuff. A 12,000 btu heat pump unit can be found in the $600 range. Note that a line set and high voltage power is needed as well as other installation materials. You also would need knowledge and specialized tools to install one correctly. Cost on a mini split can be underestimated especially when farming out the work. Expect 3-5K, name brands will exceed that.

A mini-split is in my future for A/C in my garage/shop. I've got easy access to 220 and my budget will be $2000. I intend to do most of the install myself with a unit that only requires a vacuum pull then a release of the refrigerant.

What brands/units would you recommend?

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