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Re: Carb leak at choke location

hi,with regards to your carb problem.if it's leaking because it's flooding,as was already said you may have some crap in the needle and seat,not letting the flow of fuel stop or slow down when the float raises.i do a bunch of Quadrajets here and see one often that is flooding because the tank is full of crap.sometimes i am able to hit on the front of the carb by the fuel line with a rubber hammer,just easy and once in a while,the crap will dislodge and problem is solved,more often than not,i have to pull the top off and clean out the crap.sometimes you can get the air horn off without killing the gasket,sometimes,no such luck.if you have the carb apart,if it is stopped up with crap and it's dirt and rust and so on,the tank is dirty,but you might see bits of rubber,indicating a hose is failing.good luck.
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