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Re: Not another build thread! Progress on my '67

Originally Posted by 72armyswbtruck
Lookin good, wow that was a new york truck?

Nope, not originally. It was built in the St. Lous plant and ended up in Brownsfield, Tx for a few years. It then somehow made its way to Columbia, SC. My uncle drove it to NY (with my aunt complaining how hot it was the whole way ) and decided to sell it. He took a greyhound back to columbia, SC. The truck sat for sale in front of my grandpas house for $1,800 for about 3 months. I begged him every week to sell it to me, but the best I could do was $1,400. He sold it to me and I drove it to HS and to work but only during the spring, summer, fall. The truck has never seen a salted road. I went to college in Clemson, SC and eventuelly moved to greenville, SC. The truck was only in NY from 1996 to 2003, and like I said it never saw salt, BUT the humidity took its toll. When I fist bought the truck you could read the chalk numbers on the still black painted frame. From it's 7 year stay in NY the frame now has a light coating of surface rust. They body is fairly straight and solid, but my lack of time, my own garage, and skills lead me to ditch my doors and fenders for goodmark units. When I do get my own house/garage the truck will be torn down completely, but for now I have/am replacing all the body panels and mechanical components I can, so if I ever get hitched to my girl of 2 1/2 years, I'll have alraedy spent 90% of the money needed to fully restore the truck, that way she can't complain too much! Wow, that was long winded
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