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Re: Dynamat vs other

Originally Posted by TugOwar
You used to hear alot of good things about brown bread. But seldom hear it mentioned any more. I don't know why. I've never used any such material although it is in the plans for my 68... some day.
Brown Bread is no more. It has been replaced by B-Quiet Ultimate. I tried to find the Brown Bread a few weeks back and was told by the company that made it (B-Quiet) that it was upgraded to a better product and so the name changed.

I too had a difficult time deciding which way to go, I finally did the B-Quiet Ultimate. They claim to be better than Dynamat, who knows, they all say they are better than the compitition. I got mine on Ebay. Dynamat was $122 shipped for 36 sq ft compared to 50 sq ft of B-QU for $120 shipped. They claim to stick better than Dynamat as well. Dynamat is .067 mil thick whereas B-QU is .060 mil thick. B-QU claims to have a 37db-39db reduction in noise levels if used through out the entire cabin area. I just finished installing the B-QU from the bottom of the windsheild to the back wall. I need about 20 sq ft to finish off the rest of the cab. So far I am impressed with how it laid out and how well it is sticking.

Also, beware of some of the other take offs...I was told that they are actually used for roofing and do not work for crap. They said some of the stuff is actually tar based and can create a big mess and have little to no sound deadening qualities.

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