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Re: My Big Fat Renovation

Originally Posted by 383Ram View Post
First order of business, buy a riding lawnmower and mow the lawn----then drive it up here and mow mine (although mine looks mowed compared to yours, LOL)

Nice place, was it a forclosure? just looks like the outside was let go. What kind of renovations are you going to be doing? I have plenty here, but our house is about 110 years old.
Thanks! We got the place on May 5th. I had until June 30th before we had to move out of our apartment and I made use of EVERY day I had. Don't worry, I've got about 5 months worth of pictures I'll be posting today/tomorrow and as I continue.

No, surprisingly, not a forclosure. They had actually paid off more than 50K in only 2 years on their loan. YES, they let the inside and outside "go"! My uncle owns a pressure washing business and when I'm done putting fans in the windows to suck out dust, etc I'll have him pressure wash the whole house. Oh, and the house was built in '99 too. Yes, we did get a "steal" on it. We paid over 20K less than what the house was worth and what other homes in the neighborhood had sold for in the past 2 years. Just 6 months before we bought our house, the neighbors just bought theirs and paid 15K more than we did and our lot is almost double theirs.

The yard... my father in law had a bunch of old lawn care stuff he wasn't using anymore and he gave it all to me, but it was almost 2 months after we bought the house before I had a chance to make the 7 hour round trip to pick it all up. I have a riding mower and I now keep the yard nice and short

First, I have to show y'all how gross the carpets were. The entire upstairs was carpeted, along with the living room downstairs, the rest being real hardwood. EVERY room looked like this.

After cleaning out my storage unit so I could eliminate that bill, and putting it all in my garage, I pulled out all 1600+SF of stinky and stained carpet from the house... and the renovation has begun!
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