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Re: My Big Fat Renovation

1. Bonus room again.

2 & 3. Kitchen. They took all of the appliances. They were very adament on this during negotiations. They were kind of dirty, so we paid less $ for the house instead of getting the appliances. I found out why a couple months later. I got a letter in the mail from Lowes for a waaaaay overdue bill for almost 2K. Lowes sells a lot of Frigidaire appliances and the amount was about what appliances go for, I figure that's why they took them. They left the country too, BTW. Sucks for Lowes. I opened the letter not paying attention to the name on it thinking it was MY lowes card statement. I was a little freaked out until I saw the PO's name on it!

4. The "Great Room." I have no clue what to call this room. I guess that's what people call it. We'll probably have a flat screen over the fireplace and a small leather love seat and rocker with a nice throw rug in front of the fireplace. That's what I've seen others do and it looks pretty cool.

5. Looking over the staircase into the living room.
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