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Re: Gas Pedal Adpater bracket for truck/suv pedal


Pedal mount instructions:

1. Start by bolting your truck/SUV DBW pedal assembly to the mount bracket using the provided 3/4" 1/4-20 bolt. Do not tighten.

2. Next, loosely bolt the mount bracket to the firewall using the three nutserts in the firewall where the original pedal was mounted. You can do this by aligning the three pre-drilled holes on the right side of the mount bracket. Use three 3/4" 1/4-20 bolts to attach to the firewall that were included in your kit.

3. Next, align the left edge of the mount bracket with the raised vertical firewall brace. There are two pre-drilled holes on the top and bottom on the left edge that will be used as a guide to install the provided self-tapping bolts.

4. After you attach the left side of the mount bracket to the raised brace, you can tighten the three bolts on the right side of the bracket using a 7/16 socket.

5. When the pedal bracket is securely attached, you can adjust the pedal position as desired by moving the top of the DWB pedal assembly left or right. If necessary, there is also about 1/2" up or down adjustment from the slotted hole in the bottom of the DBW pedal assembly.

6. After you have the pedal in the position that you like, use a 7/16 socket to tighten the bottom bolt holding the DBW pedal assembly.

7. Next, you should actuate the pedal up and down to check for any interference in the movement. There shouldn't be any, but all the trucks are a little different so be sure to check. If there is any interference, loosen the bolt and adjust as necessary.

8. Once the DBW pedal assembly is adjusted, make sure the bottom bolt is tight and remove the mounting bracket and DBW pedal assembly from the firewall as one piece. This will hold the pedal in your desired position and allow you to drill the top hole to finish mounting the pedal assembly.

9. Next, mark the top pedal assembly hole using the DBW pedal assembly as a guide. Remove pedal assembly and then drill a 1/4" hole where previously marked. Re-install the pedal assembly with the provided 1/4" bolt and nut and tighten. This nut should be tacked in place, just like the one on the bottom, so that the DBW pedal assembly can be removed by itself without removing the entire pedal mount bracket.

NOTE: If you don't have a welder, you can just tighten the top bolt and leave the DBW pedal on the bracket for reassembly.

If you have any questions or suggestion about the installation, please let me know. Thanks for your purchase!
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