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Re: Question about axle seal surface problem

Originally Posted by WorkinLonghorn View Post
Thanks, I'll check it out if this latest seal doesn't.

I really don't see how one of these would accept the stock seal though. The diameter will be bigger and the seal will not be running as designed. Also, I don't have an accurate micrometer and anyway, would they have that EXACT size? On the video the guy mentions "filing" the surface. Really? Filing a seal surface? How would you keep it perfectly round and at the correct depth. This might be beyond my backyard mechanical skills. -BA
If you look at their demonstration shaft you can see that it has lots of scarring on it. You would want to file any high spots off of that shaft surface. In your case you have a different kind of damage that won't require filing. I would use some 380 grit or so emory cloth on it and then coat the surface with some red Loctite before installing.
The sleeve is very thin stainless steel that I believe it is about .010 thick. Most seals used in vehicles won't have a problem with that much over size. I have used them to fix several harmonic balancers that were grooved and leaking. Similar to the repair you need.
You can also repair the surface where a bearing has seized and gauled the shaft. In those cases you would file the surface as best as possible and installed the sleeve before replacing the bearing. This is an emergency type repair. Although when I had the rear end on my Burban gone through they found one axle that had one installed under the bearing. I replaced that axle

These type of sleeves have been around for many decades are are used mostly in industrial applications they come in literally thousands of sizes from just under 1/2" to I believe 8 inches. So measuring with a micrometer would be important but the automotive parts industry now has these listed by application so you shouldn't have to have a micrometer to get the correct size.
Thanks to Bob and Jeanie and everyone else at Superior Performance for all their great help.
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