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Re: hi from Harrisburg PA

Thx for the welcome everyone. I have my wish list of choices narrowed down to a c10 between 1964 and 1972. Bed length is a secondary concern but if I were to procure a short bed I'd hope for a stepside. Motor and tranny doesn't matter. I've personally inspected and test drove 2 locally. One in york and yesterday one near Allentown. The one in york was a 72 longbed and looked promising from the pictures but after seeing it was lowered by a torch heating the coils to collapse, cab corners spray foamed and bondo and worst was an interior painted with a can of rustoleum red and applied with a dead possum. He was asking $7500 and refused my $6500 offer. Looking back I'm thinking I passed on fairly good starting point. It was complete give or take some trim pieces and the bed was absolutely pristine. I try to ease my guilt by telling myself the cab and bed supports were rusted out since I couldn't actually see underneath thanks to its terrible lowering job. The one I saw yesterday near Allentown was a 71 longbed in sad shape. Interior was butchered with junkyard seats, a windshield that the lower third was badly smoked and a nice view of the road was possible thanks to the flintstone floors. The rockers were "repaired" poorly not once but twice. First time they were bolted in and the more recent was slipped over the old ones and tack welded in place. The bed had more holes than a fly swatter and all the support structures were nearly gone. Again it looked great from a distance so I offered $4500 to his $5000 asking price. It was rejected. I'm not afraid to put a fair amount of money and time into them but the initial cost has to be reasonable. Now I'm here wondering if the prices if turned down are considered fair and it's me that has to dig a little deeper. I can upload some pics if it would help determine my situation
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