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Re: 72afr's '72 Short Step

Late nights continue and deadline looming! All remaining pieces are bolted on and everything is getting buttoned up. Shortly after the last set of pictures, we dropped this off at the exhaust shop to strip out the old and put in new 2.5" duals out to corner exits. My dad's truck (yellow '68 that I was driving at the time) was running turbo mufflers, so I elected the same. Sounds great! Exhaust done. As I was still at school and working most evenings, some tasks needed assistance. We needed to get an emissions test done in the next town over on this prior to licensing, so my dad instructed my mom to "get this warmed up" before the testing. My mom, never to lose a stop light race, succeeded. Emissions passed with no issue. After a generous safety inspection glossing over a few minor incompletions, we're ready! Whew! After a thorough wash and gloss, we made it! One of the first times driving this truck was to my junior prom!
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