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Re: 72afr's '72 Short Step

As life goes, the truck was garaged and subsequently barricaded in by junk and a trailer. Having little ones that needed car seats for travel, further reduced the already low use for the truck. As such, it remained garaged and undriven, although covered. After an unfortunate incident with my floor jack handle, I replaced the inner grill in place, removing as little as possible. This proved a larger challenge than I remembered the original install being, but nevertheless I succeeded. About a month later I pushed it out of the garage to give the little ones a cruise around the neighborhood. I had typically pushed it out due to a little smoking at startup and wanted to keep that out of the house as the garage is attached. However, much to my dismay, the truck wouldn't run. It'd crank and try to fire, but never caught. Distraught, we pushed it back in the garage and that became the last time it was outside. July of 2018. After some diagnosing later, it seems either the gas has turned or the poly tank we used has started to disintegrate. When pumping into a container at the carb, a film is left inside the container that is ridiculously hard to get cleaned out. After sitting for another 2.5 years, I'm finally in a place where I can get this truck running again and build it the way the 14 year old wanted to but couldn't afford.
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