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Re: 72afr's '72 Short Step

Here's some fun stuff. I decided to go through the documents that were in the glove box when I bought the truck and figure out its original life.

While I'm not knowledgeable on ARMY forms, nor those from 50 years ago, I've roughly figured out what they are. Attached are the transfer and acceptance forms for when ARMY took ownership of the truck, with what I believe is 3 miles on the OD. It looks like it was shipped from a Dodge plant in Michigan, even though it was a STL build based on the VIN. From what I can tell, the ARMY was using a lot of Dodges at the time, so maybe this was a package deal for transport. Another set of attachments is the front and back of a service log, which takes it to August of 1980 with 37,159 miles. This was the only service log from the (I'm assuming) original book.

Finally is the form in which I believe it is was transferred for removal from the ARMY. As they use Julian dates on the forms, it's hard to tell if this is 1981 or 1991. The reason this is hard to tell is the only other document I have is an inspection sheet from April of 1992 (which I won't post as they are still in business and may not want their license # online?) where the truck had 37,923 miles on the OD and was under the ownership of the fire department. So there is roughly a 12 year gap with only 764 miles difference. Now, it's entirely possible the OD went around the horn during that time and is actually at 137,923, but the likelihood of it putting on just barely over 100k miles is extremely suspect. Also, given the tightness of the door hinges and the remainder of the truck not being worn out gives credence to the lower mileage. Given my dad has a '68 with about 170k+ miles on it, I have a good comparison although not foolproof.

I've tracked down the fire department and reached out to them to see if they have any documents or photos from when it was in their ownership, but have yet to hear anything back.

Feel free to chime in if you know anything about these forms!
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