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Re: Bought C3500 basket case

Originally Posted by BLAZERMAN View Post
Is the SPID label still on the glove box lid? Just wonder if it started as a 133" or 157" wheel base. If it started as a 133" I would not see a need to both cut the frame and move spring hangers....Im betting they moved the spring hangers and bobbed the rear of frame. Its to bad they didnt hold out for a Longhorn bed.

I just bought a 70 C/30 that still has the factory flatbed. It seems they usually get changed out to something else after a few different owners.
SPID shows it to be 133, I am not sure exactly how much he cut or why. He simply says it wasnt much......and that he moved the springs. What do you mean bobbed?

Originally Posted by special-K View Post
If it's the rear that came under that truck then it is certainly and HO72. All C30/C3500s came with HO72s. While some HO52s may have come with the tension adjustment, the baking plates-out would be the difference
I roughly measured the brakes and they appear to be 13"

Do you have to remove the axles and hubs to see the brakes, like on a medium duty?
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